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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

He Sees With Sound

There is a very interesting article in the latest People magazine of July 24 titled "The Boy Who Sees With Sound". His name is Ben Underwood, and his story is not only amazing– it’s very touching and prophetic. I feel we will be hearing more about children like Ben in the future! His ability to use echolocation is going to ignite and inspire others, and who knows…there may be others like Ben that have yet to be discovered.

Ben is blind, and he uses echolocation to get around in his world like the dolphins do in water. Here are a few quotes about his ability from the article: "His skills are rare," says Dan Kish, a blind psychologist and leading teacher of echomobility among the blind. "Ben pushes the limits of human perception."

Ben does all the things normal kids do, and he says, "Being blind is not that different from not being blind." He taught himself echolocation at age 3.
Recently Ben visited San Diego’s Sea World Adventure Park to swim with the dolphins. He spent 45 minutes with a bottlenose dolphin called Sandy "touching her teeth and stroking her dorsal fin." He also studied how the dolphins use echolocation. "He’s got a gift with dolphins; he’s truly unique," says McMains, the supervisor of Sea World’s dolphin program.

When I read this article, I became excited about the possibility of Ben (and others with his gift) unlocking the code of communication between our two species and paving the way to initiate the dolphin-human dialogue.

Posted by Kuanyin Moi at Wednesday, July 26, 2006


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