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Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Maui Gathering

Recently I was invited to attend a showing of a breathtaking new film titled "The Gathering…Return of the Whale Dreamers". Directed by Kim Kindersley and featuring dolphins, whales and a selection of indigenous tribes from around the world, this documentary makes a powerful, touching statement to what is happening to our kindred, the dolphins and whales.

You can procure a copy and/or make a donation at either of these two websites: www.whaledreamers.com or www.heartmagic.net
The Canadian director Jonathon Kay is also working on a dolphin film that I look forward to viewing. It is titled, "Na Nai’a: The Dolphins". You can check out his promo and progress here: www.dolphinmovie.com

I would like to see more spiritual cetacean films in theaters, on television and in DVD format because I believe these films are very healing and trigger remembrance. The dolphins and whales want us to "remember" as I stated in my 1993 book "Dolphin Tribe…Remembering the Human-Dolphin Connection". These films artfully nudge our soul memories and revitalize our activism to protect our oceans and these magnificent angels of the sea. With the mounting evidence of the degradation and pollution of our oceans and the continued slaughter and mistreatment of the whales and dolphins, we need these films to be seen by as many as possible so solutions can be created…SOON!!

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