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Thursday, January 25, 2007

2007 Declared Year Of The Dolphin

Read the article here about 2007 Year of the Dolphin.

Let's ALL contribute by showing our love, respect, and appreciation for the dolphins in whatever way we can! It's time for more dolphin awareness.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Swimming with Dolphins

There has been an longstanding controversy about the ethics of keeping dolphins in captivity and tanks and/or to allow humans to interact with them in this captive environment. Both sides of this debate make good points, and at different times, I have aligned with one or the other. So when a sensitive, good-hearted friend of mine went to the Dolphin Discovery in Florida recently to swim with their dolphins, I asked him if he would give me his feedback and feelings. This is what he wrote:

"Here is what I have to say about the Dolphin Experience: I think that Disney's efforts to bring people closer to these magnificent, loving, and exceptionally talented creatures are in good taste. The people employed on behalf of their care, training, and showmanship are utmost- loving employees whose concern for the dolphins is very noticeable. I believe that the dolphins are happy, and I know that I was happy to experience their great abilities of acrobatics and understanding. I don't see their being in such a place as Discovery Cove to be considered "captivity" in a negative sense when they can also experience humans who love to touch and exchange loving energy.

I really was impressed with the whole layout of Discovery Cove and the intense detail that has gone into the landscaping with its waterways, waterfalls, foliage and look of being the real thing. I would highly recommend anyone to attend and especially take their children to experience the whole thing. It was fun riding Capricorn. He was a fairly old dolphin and a very powerful guy to pull me around. I got to experience a newcomer young dolphin who was very cute and full of life... What a blast!"

Your thoughts/feelings on this subject?

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rescuers Free Dolphins

Here's a recent news article titled "Rescuers Free Dolphins Stranded in New York".

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