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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bring On The Dolphins

Dolphins Clip - video powered by Metacafe

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Posted by Kuanyin Moi at Tuesday, December 16, 2008


  • Blogger Linda Ballou posted at December 17, 2008  
    Fabulous footage. Eku, a dolphin, is the best friend of Wai-nani the main character in my novel set in ancient Hawai'i. Readers tell me they yearn to swim with dolphin after reading my book. Read the first chapter "Dolphin Dance" on my website and you will know why.
  • Blogger Anne Vis posted at December 20, 2008  
    Stunning video and great blog!!! :-)
  • Anonymous Tabatha Hayes posted at February 09, 2010  
    this video is such a great one. it is nice to see those dolphins freely on the see. unluckily, they are marked as endangered species in the Philippines.
  • Anonymous Mariann Greatyl Silud posted at February 24, 2010  
    all i can say is they are definitely awesome to look at. great post you got in here
  • Anonymous Abonnement Mobiel posted at April 07, 2010  
    I just have to love this video tnx for it! btw you have a great blog!
  • Anonymous Online Accounting Course posted at July 26, 2010  
    Nice video.Great effort in your blog.very happy to see these Dolphins in your blog.
  • Blogger istartus posted at August 16, 2010  
    wow... this scene is looking relly very nice and beautiful.
  • Anonymous Recyclage Electronique posted at September 09, 2010  
    that is one of the most wonderful footage about dolphins i ever seen.thanks a lot for your footage.have a nice day.
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  • Anonymous Locksmith Training North East posted at January 21, 2011  
    I love DOLPHINS very much right from my childwood days.....and so always finding something NEW about them and LUCKLY I got this VIDEO...Enjoyed it LOTS.
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